Billing Settings

How to Add a Coupon Code

Go to the Settings. Go the Billing. Click Add Code in the top left-hand corner. Enter or paste the coupon code in the popover. Click Apply. Your coupon should now be applied automatically and a succe…

Jakob Storjohann
Updated 4 months ago by Jakob Storjohann

How to View the Limits on a Plan

Go to Settings in the lower left-hand corner. Click on Billing. Click on Show Usage Limits.

Morten Toft
Updated 5 months ago by Morten Toft

Will I Be Charged Automatically When a Trial Ends?

It depends. If you have added your credit card information to your workspace's Billing page, your trial will automatically convert to a paid subscription and you will be charged for the plan you have…

Morten Toft
Updated 8 months ago by Morten Toft