Billing Settings

How to Add a Coupon Code

Go to the Settings. Go the Billing. Scroll down and click Add Code. Enter or paste the coupon code in the popover. Click Apply. Your coupon should now be applied automatically and a success message w…

Jakob Storjohann
Updated 4 months ago by Jakob Storjohann

How to View the Limits on a Plan

Go to Settings in the lower left-hand corner. Click on Billing. Click on Show Usage Limits.

Morten Toft
Updated 10 months ago by Morten Toft

Will I Be Charged Automatically When a Trial Ends?

It depends. If you have added your credit card information to your workspace's Billing page, your trial will automatically convert to a paid subscription and you will be charged for the plan you have…

Morten Toft
Updated 1 year ago by Morten Toft