How do I launch a multi-language mission?

If you want to engage people across languages you can localize content on Ideanote with Custom Translation Variables.

  • Go to Settings > Language > Custom Translation Variables
  • Click Add and define a new piece of localized content, for example for a mission question or form field title.
  • Give it a memorable name, {{translate:custom.mission1_question}}
  • Add an English text for the title, e.g. "How might improve our processes?" and add your official translations of the questions in all relevant languages for your workspace.
  • Go to a mission you want to turn into a multi-language experience and replace the text with the variable, e.g. {{translate:custom.mission1_question}} and save your changes.
  • The content will now be displayed in the user profile language or, if the language is unavailable, in the fallback language, English.

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