How do AI generated ideas work?

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Who can generate ideas with AI?
Only people with mission editing rights can see the option to generate ideas with AI.
Does idea generation only work in English?
The model works best for English mission questions and always generates ideas in English.
What AI engine are you using to generate ideas?
We are using a customized trained version of OpenAI's GPT-3 to generate ideas for you.
How can I improve the quality of the AI ideas?
It helps having a clear mission question and a mission description that describes the problem and what kind of ideas you are looking for.
What ideas can be autofilled by the AI?
The AI will try to fill out text fields, multiple choice, checkmarks, and even image uploads.
Why are ideas so similar?
If you generate many ideas or your mission questions and description contains little information ideas will start to look similar. You can generate new ideas by changing the mission question or varying the mission description.
How am I billed for AI suggestions?
Your workspace comes with a monthly limit of how many AI ideas you can generate. You can see that limit on our pricing page and your billing page. The Free plan comes with 10 AI suggestions per workspace per month.

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