Codes Not Showing Up

Morten Toft Updated by Morten Toft

When you use your first code to create a workspace, you're automatically put on a special AppSumo plan.

This plan has the stats equal to one code.

Once you start stacking your codes, your additional features and limits will appear as grey text with a "+" in front of them.

For example: "+20 Members".

In the above example, you're adding "+20 Members" to an existing 20 Members for a total of 40 Members, but it will only say "+20".

This means, that if you've added 5 codes, it will say "+80 Members" for a total of 100 Members.

We know this can be slightly confusing, but this is the way things are displayed in the app at the moment.

Don't worry, you have done everything correctly and what you paid for is there.

The grey text with the "+items" is just the extra that you added on top of your first code that activated the special AppSumo plan.

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