How to Add a Custom Domain

When creating an Ideanote workspace, one of your options is to create a subdomain. This will make the address for your workspace. You can share that address with other people, or you can set up a custom domain, e.g., to use with your workspace instead. This article walks you through setting up a custom domain.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Custom Domain
  3. Add your custom domain
  4. Set up CNAME record at your domain name registrar

You'll need to create a CNAME record at your DNS hosting provider (or whoever manages your DNS configuration).

If you don't know who your DNS hosting provider is you can use MX Toolbox's DNS Lookup to discover public information about your domain. Enter your domain there and find the “dns check” column. We have included links to some popular providers’ help pages on CNAME or DNS below. If you don’t see your provider listed here or need additional help you are always welcome to contact our support team.

The DNS record must be of type "CNAME" with a host value equal to the subdomain part of your custom domain, for example, "ideas" if you want to host Ideanote on "" (some DNS providers require the entire domain).

Set the value to "".

If you can specify the TTL (Time to Live), this can be set to "automatic" or "60 minutes".

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