How to Invite People to a Workspace

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Ideanote offers different ways of inviting users, including email invitations, invite links, and Single Sign-On.
  1. Click Settings in the lower left-hand corner
  2. Click People
  3. Click Add in the right-hand corner
  4. Send out personal email invitations by adding a name, an email, and your message
  5. Optional: Use an invite link to invite multiple people
  6. Optional: Use a CSV file to send out email invitations in bulk*
  7. Optional: Manage existing members or resend old invitations

*Importing from CSV:

If you upload from a CSV file, make sure you have a column heading for "email" which is required to invite a new user to Ideanote.

Alternatively, you can choose to include the column headings for "firstname", "lastname" and "message". The message will be added to the invitation email.

To get started, try organizing your spreadsheet using our CSV template.

After selecting the CSV file, you will be asked to confirm sending out the invites.

Invalid email addresses or addresses that have already been invited are automatically skipped.

When all users have been successfully invited, you'll see a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen.

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